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Event Series The Daily Break – Live Video Stretch Breaks and Meditation Sessions

The Daily Break – Live Video Stretch Breaks and Meditation Sessions

As we find ourselves juggling work, family, isolation and uncertainty. The Trust Work-Life Assistance Program invites you to The Daily Break!  Each weekday until October 23, we will provide a stretch break (15 minutes) and a meditation session (10 minutes). Registration is free. Register each week by clicking on the event link below. Participate as often […]

Thriving in Turbulent Times: Cultivating Calm and Clarity

Online Webinar

Come join us to rest, renew and unwind from the turbulence of the past year. The global pandemic and the resulting economic fallout coupled with racial, social, political, and environmental unrest, has shown us that things are never certain, and all things change.  For some of us, this change has provided an opportunity to reflect, […]

Worry and Anxiety: How to Stop the Mind Chatter

Online Webinar

Worry, usually about things beyond our control, is a common human experience.  Our brains tend to get stuck on the “what ifs” and imagine the worst.  Normal worry or anxiety can be motivating and spur us to action or problem solving.  However, excessive worry or anxiety can become the problem. The continual uncertainty and change […]

Happiness: Surprising Research on what creates and sustains

Online Webinar

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - our unalienable rights as Americans!  But, as we pursue happiness, can we predict what will actually make us happy?  Can we improve or increase our general level of happiness?  In this seminar we’ll explore some of the paradoxes of happiness and learn about a new trend called […]

Moving Toward Retirement: Preparing for the Next Phase of Life

Online Webinar

Sixty-five used to be the magic number.  After decades of routine and hard work you set the date, wait it out, and finally collect the gold watch and ride off into the sunset.  For any number of reasons, that script is quickly becoming antiquated. Statistics are now showing that people are living longer and aging […]

Handle Holiday Stress Webinar

Online Webinar

Join the Trust Work-Life Assistance Program Administrator, KGA, Inc. on a webinar on how to handle holiday stress. Holidays can be an exciting and joyful time. It can be filled with family, friends, parties and gifts. It can also be a stressful time. One filled with frenzied shopping trips, difficult relatives and high expectations. You […]