APRIL – What Movement Means To You

Have you ever thought about how physical activity and movement fits into what you want your life to look like? This month’s focus explores moving in ways that feel good for you and fit your life’s priorities.

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Featured Wellness Activity

Move Your Way

The goal of this activity is to reflect on ways that regular movement and physical activity helps you do what matters most to you in your life.

Fuel Up

The purpose of this monthly feature is to highlight healthy snack and meal ideas to help you stay focused and energized throughout your workday, wherever you may be.

Edamame – This month’s featured fuel is edamame, the young form of soybeans which are cooked and eaten as is or in a variety of dishes. Edamame has a mild, buttery flavor and is rich in protein, antioxidants, and fiber.

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Two Moves to Boost Metabolism