Take a breath! This month’s theme is about adding rest and recovery to your day, and finding ways to relax as part of your self-care.

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Well-Being Slides

Post this short slide presentation on your onsite TV screens, HR and/or wellness program office.

To download the slideshow for these images, follow the link below.

Featured Wellness Activity

The goal of this activity is to encourage employees to schedule and practice ways to relax, have fun, or “just be” for a while.

Fuel Up

The purpose of this monthly feature is to highlight eating healthy snacks to help stay focused and energized throughout your workday, wherever you may be.

This month’s featured snack is whole grain crackers. Look for “whole grain” listed as the first ingredient for a healthy dose of fiber, essential nutrients, and a satisfying crunch.

Health Video

Learn tips for choosing healthy cereals to help fuel your day, at breakfast or as a snack.